Power to Sleep Insomnia Remedy Review

If you had just seen me two weeks ago before Power to Sleep Insomnia Remedy, you wouldn't recognize me. Deprived of sleep since my college days, my sunken eyes and dark under-eye circles would immediately give you the impression that there's something very wrong with me.  This is why I thank the highest heavens for finding the Power to Sleep Insomnia natural soft gels as the perfect sleep remedy for my sleepless nights. Like me, everyone deserves to know about this power product, and I just thought that a review is quite necessary.

Counting Sheep Doesn’t Help!

Unfortunately, I have been part of America’s 51% population that's deprived of sleep. According to statistics, there are over 30 million Americans who suffer from insomnia, and these 30 million people in turn suffer health problems caused by being sleep-deprived.

For somebody who’s been through the same dilemma, I would say that insomnia is indeed a debilitating condition, as it has made me feel like a zombie for most of my college days. Sometimes I tend to snore in class or miss some lectures altogether, even. If not for my helpful friends, I wouldn’t have made it through graduation day, really. Sometimes, they’d help me with my academic requirements; but most times they would just buy me more coffee and more energy drinks, which would fix me some moments but would leave me weak and irritable for the most part.

Believe me, I have tried everything, even some sheep-counting. I’ve gotten close to a thousand sheep jumping over a darn fence; sometimes even with Mary and her little lamb in the picture, but I never did feel drowsy. For some of my friends, meditation and eastern exercises like Tai-chi worked. In my case however, there was no real hope no matter how I twisted and turned, or chanted “oom” for the umpteenth time. I still did not feel sleepy when the last of the dorm lights went out.

A Natural Remedy that Finally Does the Job!
Now that I’ve scored my first job, I vowed to look for help in remedying my sleeping dilemma, because I did not want to feel like I was sleepwalking through my job too.  The day I found the Power to Sleep Insomnia Remedy online was truly a blessed day for I have never slept more soundly in my life now.

Equipped with stress-reducing compounds that prompt a calm and relaxed mood, this organic sleep aid is sure to make anyone sleep like a baby through the night, and wake up energized in the morning. It contains melatonin and GABA, two (2) key ingredients in inducing slumber. Aside from these wonderful ingredients, this supplement also contains Valerian, a medicinal herb that acts like a sedative; as well as Ashwaganda, a compound that make the body feel energized and revitalized.  It‘s no wonder why that the moment I began taking the Power to Sleep Insomnia Remedy, I have instantly become a sleepyhead.

Best of all, these all-natural sleeping soft gels are made in America, so that you are assured of it being a high-quality product.

I recommend the Power to Sleep Insomnia Remedy to every insomniac out there; it’s time to say goodbye to those sunken eyes and dark under-eye circles!