Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Natural Sleep Remedy to Awaken Your Creative Muse

I started this blog because I wanted to share with you what Dream Boost has done to me and my career. I am an English high school teacher and I took a break from work because I wanted to pursue my dreams as a playwright. If you’re a creative soul like me, you value your dreams, the kind of dreams that gives you such clear insight and gets your creative juices flowing.

Because of my high stress levels, I didn’t get enough sleep. If ever I do sleep, I rarely remember my dreams and so that dream play I have cherished for so long remains unwritten. I was so frustrated and  naturally, this frustration led to lack of sleep and the cycle seemed to never end.

Then, my friend, Charis, visited me. She’s this earthy girl who’s always into homeopathy and other alternative whatever that I’m always sceptical about. Charis learned of my sleep problems and told me about Dream Boost.

I may be a writer, but I’ve always been skeptical about alternative medicine. But I was at the end of my rope and would have tried anything to get a well deserved deep sleep for once. So I tried taking this natural sleep remedy. Dream Boost is made in America, so I don’t have to worry about its quality.

I began taking Dream Boost before bed, and after two days, I  miraculously started having a sleeping routine and the dreams I've been hoping for! The dreams were so vivid that I could practically taste and smell them. It was wonderful!

Because of this natural sleep remedy, I was able to write about five pages a day. I incorporated writing into my routine. And although my play is still in the works, I was so proud of the five pages I produce everyday that I can feel that I’ve finally taken a step towards my dreams. This blog will be about my journey towards getting a natural sleep remedy for me and hopefully for you, too. Feel free to give comments. I would gladly welcome them.

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