Friday, April 23, 2010

Seven Tips for the Best Sleep Ever!

Everyone knows that one of the best things in life is a good night’s sleep. Barring any medical conditions that may affect your sleep patterns, you can actually enhance your sleep through the following tips from sleep experts:

1.    A Healthy Lifestyle – This means that you get adequate nutrition and exercise to promote sleep. You must also develop a regular sleep schedule, such as sleeping at the same time every day. The regular schedule will encourage a sleep cycle that helps you fall asleep. You can also establish a pre-bedtime routine to create a trigger. This trigger will clue your body in that sleep will come next.

2.    A Room Designed for Sleep – Your room should be optimized so that you can sleep eight to nine hours uninterrupted. The temperature should be comfortable. Always have extra blankets or eye shades to support your sleep. Some prefer to play white noise in the background.

3.    Avoid long naps in the daytime – Your naps should never be longer than an hour in the daytime. Some sleep experts do not recommend napping after 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon because it disrupts the body’s natural circadian rhythm.

4.    Avoid Excessive Physical Activity before bedtime – Don’t exercise three to four hours before you go to sleep. Exercising prevents you from relaxing enough to go to sleep when you go to bed.

5.    Avoid too much eating before bedtime – Don’t drink any caffeine eight hours before bedtime to help you sleep. Also, don’t eat too much four to six hours before bed time. You’ll find it hard to sleep on a full stomach.

6.    Relax before bedtime – Start your bedtime with relaxation techniques. Some swear to reading a book before bed time; others do yoga or meditate. Relaxation techniques communicate to your body that it’s time for sleep.

7.    Lights Out – Turn off the lights and try to go to sleep in a dark room. If you find yourself tossing and turning after 30 minutes, get up and do some quiet activities, such as reading or meditating. Then go back to sleep again. If you watch the clock and work yourself up, this would not help.

Follow these seven steps towards great sleep. But if you still find yourself having trouble sleeping, try Vaxa Nite Rest or Power to Sleep. These are natural sleep remedies that will help you get the best sleep ever.

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